WELCOME RECEPTION: Monday, 18th March

6:30 PM - 9:30 PM Welcome Reception - Cocktail Function
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CONFERENCE AGENDA: Tuesday, 19th March

7:30 AM - 8:45 AM Registration
8:45 AM - 8:55 AM Connexion Systems
Welcome to ProjectChat
9:00 AM — 09:45 AM Chris Deeble, Air Vice Marshal (Retd.)
Deputy Secretary CASG
Department of Defence
9:50 AM — 10:35 AM Dr. Alicia Aitken
International Centre for Complex Project Management (ICCPM)
10:35 AM — 10:55 AM Morning Tea
Track 1 Track 2 Track 3
10:55 AM — 11:40 AM Robert McMartin
Emu Head Consulting

To Understand Project Complexity, it is Important to Appreciate why the Level of Uncertainty Must Match the Level of Project Complexity
David Mallet & Scott Robertson
Yanun Project Services

Knowledge Hub: Matt Betros
GBA Projects

You're Ready for a Schedule Risk Assessment, but is your Culture?
11:45 AM — 12:30 PM Matt Williams
Chief Product Officer, Amplify

Program Management: The Key to Strategy Execution
Michael Yeung
SAAB Australia

Challenges with Incorporating Agility in Complex Programs in an Australian Defence Industry Context
Knowledge Hub: Stacey Wehmeier​​​​
Synergy Group

Implementing Project Controls fast and lite. Is it possible?
12:30 PM — 1:20 PM Lunch
1:25 PM — 2:10 PM Angela Tuffley
Director, SCRAM Principal, Independent Project Review Institute (IPRI)

Speed to Capability with the Incremental Commitment Spiral Model
Meri Duncanson
Synergy Group

Current Project Management Trends: Hybrid Methodologies and Big Data Analysis
Knowledge Hub: Paula Foster & Lauran Long
Skeiny Projects

Selling the Schedule: Why a Realistic and Robust Schedule Benefits Everyone
2:15 PM — 3:00 PM Boris Kazakevich
MOOG Australia

Agile Acquisition Approach to Accelerate Product Development using a Test-centred Minimal Viable Product (MVP) Framework
Yvonne Butler
Managing Director at The Information Source

Accelerating the delivery of Defence Capability in a Threat Based World Order
Knowledge Hub: Rob Edwards
Deltek US

Beyond Schedule Quality: Hidden Gems in Deltek Acumen
3:00 PM — 3:20 PM Afternoon Tea
3:25 PM — 4:20 PM Rob Edwards
Deltek US

Enhancing the Project Lifecycle: A Glimpse into Deltek PPM Innovations
Simon White (PM Fellow)
BAE Systems

The Rules of Flow: 10 Simple Rules to Increase Workflow through Systems
Knowledge Hub: Angela Tuffley
Director, SCRAM Principal, Independent Project Review Institute (IPRI)

Empowering Integrated Project Teams: Lessons from Submarine and Fighter Programs
7:00 PM — 12:00 AM Conference Dinner • Woodstock in 2024!

CONFERENCE AGENDA: Wednesday 20th March

7:30 AM - 8:30 AM Coffee Lounge Roundtables
8:50 AM — 09:35 AM Panel Session facilitated by Simon White, BAE Systems & Stacey Wehmeier, Synergy Group

Will AI Transform Project Management? If so, how?
9:40 AM - 10:25 AM Peter Sexton
Managing Director 3PM Advisory

Pros and Cons of Agile Thinking in Capability Development
Drew Nugent
Director (Defence) Tracey Brunstrom & Hammond

Project Delivery as a System of Systems: Moving beyond methodology partisanship
10:30 AM — 10:50 AM Morning Tea
Track 1 Track 2 Track 3
10:55 AM — 11:40 AM Patrick Weaver
Mosaic Project Services

Assessing Delay and Disruption in Agile and Distributed Projects
Chloe Kempster
Director System Requirements and Design Strategy and Planning, CASG

Enabling Defence Data Driven Culture and Decision Making: the Opportunities and Challenges
Knowledge Hub: Brad Richardson
Scope Works

Development of Integrated Master Schedules (IMS), Tier and Supplier Schedules, Including Multinational Subcontractors, Across both Program and Project levels
11:45 AM — 12:30 PM Dan Foster
Skeiny Projects

Enhancing and Leveraging Project Mangement and Earned Value Artefacts
Matt Armstrong
Hanwha Defence Systems

From Project Management Methods to Madness. It’s an art; it’s a science; it’s a pain – but can it work?
Knowledge Hub: Andrew Ferguson
Risk Decisions

Successful Project Managers and Planners take and Manage Risks
12:30 PM — 1:20 PM Lunch
1:25 PM — 2:10 PM Dr. Keith Joiner, Group Captain (Ret'd)
Senior Lecturer Test and Evalutaion and Aircraft Systems, ADFA (UNSW)

If you can Manage People, you can Manage AI
2:15 PM — 3:00 PM Mel Slater
Director, Maritime, Defence SA

Project Management in South Australia’s Defence and Space Sectors
3:00 PM — 3:15 PM Closing Remarks
3:20 PM — 4:30 PM Closing Wine & Cheese Party

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